Mi-rEvolution Trainer

Mi-rEvolution Trainer is not a workout in a box. Instead, it is a door to a where you want to go. It is a player for a stable of ever-growing workouts that you can select from. The initial app has three, and you can purchase additional ones that fit your goals as they become available. The player allows allows sweaty fingers to easily add the music that motivates you to the workout and mix the balance between music and trainer.

Does Techno drive you to sweat or does Tool get you pumped? Mi-rEvolution Trainer doesn't care. If it's on your iPhone or iPod Touch you can make it work for you. Why should you have to choose between the bad and worse of what cranks someone else's clock? Day to day or hour to hour; make the most of your time in the gym.

How weak is your form when the lactic starts screaming? John Brown will keep you clean and motivated as you cycle through the burn. His thirty years as a professional athlete and two decades as a MMA fighter give him the insight to know when and why people breakdown and need to be pushed. Imagine a Personal Trainer in your phone. A Personal Trainer who might believe in you more than you do yourself.

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