Master John C. Brown

John has endeavored for 36 years in the field of martial arts. During that time, his dedication has earned him multiple honors. One of them is holding multiple 5th Dan black belts. He holds a 3rd Dan in Judo under the late Won S. Kim and Wey Sang Kim. Another is holding the rank of Master in combat Taekwondo and Hapkido. John holds international titles for full-contact fighting

and has a well-earned reputation for no-holds-barred and challenge fighting.

For almost eight years, he lived and trained in the same dojang. This is an honor bestowed upon few westerners. That intense training became the platform which his Mixed Martial Arts training program is based on.

As a Certified Trainer, John has spent the last 20

years weaving his training and fighting experience into a program that has benefitted a spectrum of people that ranges from children to the retired and beginner to professional athlete. He is personally available for personal fight training, self defense instruction, and personal security work as well as traditional instruction such as MMA classes, kickboxing, kids classes and the Workout of the Day.